Coaching For Impact™
Coaching For Impact™ is a values based coaching process developed for leaders, managers and individuals who have an interest in increasing the productivity and success of their teams. During the two half day virtual (or one day in person) kickoff seminar, participants learn a six-step coaching process that enables them to have an organized coaching conversation.

During the kickoff seminar, participants will learn a values-based coaching process to help them engage their people more effectively.  Because we want people to retain and apply what they learned, participants will meet weekly for seven weeks to sharpen their coaching skills, report on their progress and learn from the coaching experiences of their peers.

The objectives of the Coaching For Impact™ are to help leaders:

  • Increase their competence, confidence in coaching.
  • Learn how to identify limiting beliefs and how to coach to increase their people’s belief in their capabilities.
  • Learn a simple way to identify and adjust to someone’s Communication Profile™.
  • Learn how to ask great coaching questions utilizing the Subconscious Motivator Model™.
  • To stop “telling” people what to do, and engage their people through socratic questioning.
  • How to help their people identify their Foundational Core Values™ and how to coach to their people’s values creating greater buy in.
  • How to utilize The Truth Pyramids™ to help their people to move from emotionally based decision making to values based decision making.


This is not a sit and listen type of training.  Participants will be engaging in breakout discussion groups within the first 15 minutes and throughout the kickoff sessions.

Participants must attend the kickoff seminar and complete the online work and participate in at least six of the seven weekly follow ups to graduate.  They will also  be required to coach two (2) people each week and do the online work between each follow up sessions in order to graduate.

The kickoff seminar will be conducted by one of our certified executive coaches and can be deployed either in person in a one day format or virtually in a two half days format.  The kickoff seminar introduces participants to the Coaching For Impact™ process as well as unique tools for developing better coaching questions, discover what motivates people, and how to help people to overcome their limited beliefs.

The seven weekly follow ups are  one and a half hours, which are deployed virtually.  Participants will be required to coach two people each week in intentional coaching sessions, as well as capitalizing on several intentional coaching opportunities each week.  The will also complete online work to continue their learning about the coaching process.  This includes watching short videos, taking a quiz on each video and completing discussion questions for their follow up.

During each virtual follow up, participants will share about their coaching experiences that week, focusing on their coaching, not the content of the coaching session.  (We believe in keeping confidentiality.)  Our certified executive coach will facilitate a discussion around the discussion questions for that week, answer questions, and encourage participants as they continue to develop as professional coaches.

The final follow up session is a graduation.  Upon graduation participants can receive their Certified Professional Coach certificate through Aidan University.


For more information please contact Character Inc. at (770) 456-5547.