Integrity Service®
Integrity Service® is a comprehensive process designed to help people understand what it means to be customer-focused. Participants focus on the skills, attitudes, and automatic behaviors that must be developed to reach a common goal of becoming a customer-focused organization.

Integrity Service embodies the following elements:

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction System™
  • Simple Behavior Styles® language
  • Seven-week structured follow-up course
  • Reinforcement tools
  • Performance Accelerator sessions
  • Blended, online learning delivery alternative

Internal Customers vs External Customers
Too often we only consider our external customers when it comes to customer service. One of the most powerful aspects of Integrity Service is how it focuses on both the external customer and the internal customer- those people within your company or division.

Having the Integrity Service processes in place will give you the tools you need to create a true customer focused culture, both inside and outside of your company!

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IntegrityATL can develop customized training to meet your company’s specific needs.