Impact Training Series™

The character of your people is revealed in how they treat one another, and how they treat the external customer.  At Character Inc. our goal is to help you and your people incorporate great character into everything you do!  They only way to increase the level of great character is to to help your people to live out their values on a daily basis.

The Character Inc. Impact Training Series™ are values-based processes that help your people to engage each other and the external customer they way people want to be engaged.  It will help participants do what they do on their “best day” more often, more consistently, and more effectively.

Currently The Impact Training Series™ is comprised of our Coaching For Impact™ and Serving For Impact™ courses.  Communicating For Impact™ will be coming in late 2024.

How people want to be engaged is similar regardless of the type of engagement we have, because of this each of our programs utilizes the same acronym to help participants to remember the steps for an appropriate customer interaction.  This also increases retention, application, and coachability throughout any organization regardless of which program participants went through. 

It’s all about impacting people to change behaviors.  Let’s be honest, if training doesn’t impact behavior change, then what’s the point?

All of our programs are designed to go beyond knowledge and into application.  Too often we attend trainings, agree with the concepts, but within two weeks we are right back into our old habits.  The Impact Training Series™ follow up coaching process is designed to hold people accountable to apply the principles for a period of two months, increasing retention and developing new habits that can be utilized for the rest of their career.

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