Executive Coaching helps executives and professionals navigate the complexities of running a company and managing people.  Coaching may include:

  • 360 Assessments to ensure you have a correct view of yourself, your position, and the relationships around you.

  • Behavior Styles assessment to enable you to communicate more effectively with others on a daily basis.

  • Strengths assessment to ensure you are utilizing what you do best as often as you can.

  • Foundational Core Values™ assessment to ensure you remain true to who you are as you interact with others on a daily basis.

  • Managing Goal Achievement to help you develop and reach the goals that will make you more successful.

We don’t give you a prefab coaching program, we develop your coaching program around your needs.  Although you may have needs similar to others, you have unique needs, values and goals that will we will work with to develop a coaching program that is right for you.

Coaching sessions can be in person, by phone, video conference or webinar.  Our goal is to create a safe, convenient environment for you to grow and improve your skills.  Between sessions you will have access to your coach via email or short phone conversations, if needed, to get you through rough patches between coaching sessions.

During the coaching relationship it is not unusual for our clients to work on goals in both their personal and professional lives.  It is not required to talk about your personal life during the coaching session, but we are equipped to help you in all areas of your life to ensure your work/life balance is at its best, so you can experience greater success in all areas of your life.

Many times it becomes apparent that the entire team needs coaching.  We can deliver team coaching to improve your team’s success.  We will work with you and your team to discover if coaching or training will best meet your needs and develop the right solution for you.  Again, our goal is to make sure we understand your needs and to help you find the best solution to meet those needs and experience greater success.

Contact us for your FREE consultation.  We look forward to helping you and your team experience the success you want and deserve.

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