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A new age of leadership has emerged, and coaching is the key to traversing it successfully!  Unfortunately, according to the Harvard Business Review, most managers think they are coaching when they are actually just telling their employees what to do!

Individuals that are coached by their managers:

  • Outperform peers by 27%
  • Are significantly more engaged [+25%], apply more discretionary effort [+18%] and are substantially less likely to leave [+25%]
  • The impact extend to direct reports; discretionary effort increases by 16%, promotability by 11%
  • Senior leaders most effective at developing other leaders show superior business management capability and greater ability to get business results by a factor of 1.5
    (Sales Executive Council, Gallup Adapted from David Epstein’s blog)

With all this positive impact from coaching, why don’t managers coach their people on a consistent basis?  The number one reason is: They don’t know how!

Coaching For Impact™ is a concrete, values based coaching process that helps you to coach your people both personally and professionally.  Where most coaching programs talk about coaching concepts, we teach you a systematic coaching process that will enable you to have a strategic and powerful coaching conversation with your people.

When you participate in Coaching For Impact™ you will learn:

  • A systematic Coaching Process
  • How to identify and adapt to different Communication Styles™
  • The difference between Coaching Sessions and Coaching Opportunities
  • The Motivator Model™ to develop high impact coaching questions
  • How to identify and expand someone’s Belief Boundaries
  • How to coach to someone’s Foundational Core Values™

How Coaching For Impact™ Is Deployed

The kick off is deployed in two 3-hour interactive virtual sessions on Zoom.  This is not your typical webinar!  During these interactive sessions your people will:

  • Be introduced to a coaching concept
  • Write down answers to questions about that concept
  • Discuss their perspectives in breakout rooms
  • Debrief breakout room discussions with the large group

Because most training doesn’t change behavior, we implement a proven Behavior Change methodology utilizing virtual follow ups where you will meet once a week for 1.5 hours to go over weekly assignments, share successes and debrief one of their coaching sessions for that week.

In between each follow up session participants will be responsible for:

  • Logging into the online learning management system
  • Watching 2-3 videos each week
  • Answering application questions to dive deeper into the concepts learned on the video
  • Coaching two people each week in Planned Coaching Sessions
  • Conducting multiple Intentional Coaching Moments

Earning your Certified Professional Coach Certificate

Coaching For Impact™ graduates have the option to obtain their Certified Professional Coach Certificate.  This CPC is an executive coaching level certificate, and can be utilized to start your own coaching practice!

There Are Only 20 Spaces Available!

The Kick off Seminars are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, February 15th from 10:00 – 1:00 eastern
  • Thursday, February 16th from 10:00 – 1:00 eastern

The seven weekly 1.5 hour follow ups will begin on Thursday, February 25th from 10:00 – 11:30 eastern.

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